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Artisland is a group of Graphic Artists and Art Tutors offering highly specialized workshops for Children and Adults related to Storytelling, Drawing, Art and Design, covering the entire range of skills from concept, narrative flow, layout, storyboard, pencil, ink, design, screen-printing, edition, book making.

During our courses, learners from any background will be guided through the entire process of creative workflow emphasizing a healthy "hands on" approach for each individual student. On the other hand our professional course structure and classroom management maintain a calm and steep learning curve from the beginning to the end of the workshop.

There are currently two different courses available to choose from. Three days each, six hours per day.
For six days seminars, they could be combined together:

Here, we focus on the art of narrating a story through a three steps plan: from the "Writing Desk" (Concept)
to the "Magic Layout Tables"(Horizontal White Boards) to the "Larger-Than-Life Wallpapers"(Final Format).
Learners will be supported in developing their own stories, tackling every aspect of character and narrative
conception in order to create believable protagonists, antagonists and settings over a range of graphic panels.
They will be given the tools for understanding how to translate their stories into vivid imagery and captivating tales.

Here, the emphasis is on the printing and editing of books or booklets.
Starting again from the Writing Desk, learners will have a chance to understand
the process of editing and compiling while exploring the endless possibilities of printing editions
employing screen-based techniques. They will create a professional looking product.

The core team of ARTISLAND consists of three Artists and Course Tutors from different backgrounds,
spanning from Writing, Publishing, Teaching and Lecturing to Graphic Novel, Urban Art and Screen printing.

Kevin Seven, Illustrator, Graphic Artist
Reinhard Schleining, Writer, Illustrator, Graphic Artist
Alex Pierre, Painter, Graphic Artist

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